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VIP passes



  • Samantha

    If you're on the gifting screen, VIP Passes are at the bottom. You'd need to scroll down to see them.

  • KitKat

    Hi Samantha

    I just looked and it ends at the sea of riches, there are no VIP.

    Not sure if there was an update and it got messed up, or they are no longer available


  • KitKat

    I just looked again and it appears for those who are tourists, but not for anyone who is Elite or VIP.

    does that mean you have to wait until the VIP status runs out? or is there something wrong?


  • KitKat

    just saw the message in announcements.

    Thank you, at least I know what is going on. And can gift my friend a VIP pass when her old one ends.

    BTW thank you for making this place so much fun.

    You are all so awesome!!!!!

    Have a beautiful day!


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