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Fallen Veterans and Heroes Outfit request



  • US Army Retired

    Thank you Kes for making this request. I think our Military and first responders should be honored as well.

  • JR19621

    I agree. Why are we not honoring them? They fought to keep us safe. TY for making the request.


  • Brandywine2

    Kes,  what a wonderful idea. Why has Flowplay not thought of this already. Some gave all for us to be free, we can at least honor them with outfits. 

  • mtman

    This is a great way for all of us to remember our Veterans. 

  • niki8

    Why not? What a wonderful idea/ We could use for Memorial day and Veterans Day. Please consider and approve this request.


  • Maralee21

    Why do so many requests for outfits get ignored??? This is a wonderful idea and should be approved.  So many of our father and grandfathers around the world have fought in a war, this would honor them all.

  • BEN S

    I am surprised to not see more people adding to this list to add this request. My daddy would be proud to see this happen he is a gulf war vet.

  • Sam3770

    We should stand proud for our Veterans and fallen Heroes. Let's get this done

  • Peaches n cream

    TY Kes for suggesting this!

  • nudismo

    how do i find and get stars and stripes outfits



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