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Level Increase



  • Elianne

    From what I can see by checking the level line on my profile, as I actually win more coins, the line moves left to right and when it hits the end I go up a level and it starts all over again.  The one thing I would like to know is how much I need to win to move to the next level.  It appear that moving up the levels requires you to win more for each level you go up. I reckon I should move to level 33 if I win another 100,000. 

  • MickeyFan

    Sadly the zone doesn't offer any where to go to actually know how they figure anything. They just claim the computer automatically does everything correctly , lol . I would love to know the coins in each charm for example.

  • Elianne

    I have double checked what you need to do to move up a level and it seems my first thoughts were incorrect.  You move up a level based on the amount of coins you use.  The more games you play and the more coins you use, the faster you move up levels. There is a line under your avatar on your profile and you can see how much it moves after you have played a load of games in a day especially when you use a lot of coins. Have tested this out since I got to level 33 and am now close to level 34.


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