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Sea of Riches game



  • MickeyFan

    Hahahaha afraid they don't do that. Happened to me twice and after contacting them they responded and said I received everything . Told me it was impossible for the computer to make a mistake.


  • Old Guy3

    Sea of Riches keeps freezing when paying out

  • Samantha

    The good news is you definitely got what you were supposed to from Sea of Riches. The game collects your Gems and adds all the items you are about to win (including those from free spins) to your account then sends the data to your display, so you can see the game play and pay out. If something does go wrong, you're just missing the display, and not any of the prizes.

    Typically, problems like this suggest a player's browser is running low on memory. Make sure you're not running any other apps or web tabs while you're playing Vegas World, and if you have particularly bad problems, try 'refreshing' before using a feature that's caused you problems by signing out of your account and signing back in. This will reset your browser memory, increasing the chances for a trouble free experience.


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