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Sports Book - English Premier League



  • Andi Jo

    I agree. I think this is a great idea,,,,,go Liverpool! LOL

  • hellobear007

    Ty Andi Jo... but I must say 'Up The Gunners' lol :)

  • Boris SPB

    Good idea

  • Ms LisaKay 007

    what is going on with Sports.  I made bets last night....and today there has been no adding or subtracting to show that my pics won or lost.  Every game I've ever bet on has been showing up under my there is nothing.  I don't get I checked my total and reboooted total when I was leaving was 77 B when I logged back in like 2 min later...I was at 96 B,  But no games wins or losses was showing under "results".  So I have no idea where the 17 or 18 B came from...weird.

  • Whiskey Dave

    At 3 am (here in New York) I get the "collect your sports winnings" message , so I go to the sports book , collect , and place my new bets . I went to do that today , and when I did my betting records were gone ! It has been reset to where it is showing that I have NEVER placed a bet ! Had over 5,000 bets , took quite a while to get there , now gone ..... Thanks Zone .....


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