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Trouble loading into parties



  • loonytoon5

    Same here can't even give out charms never get anything off the board

  • Onion

    The latest prob. I cant move from the other players on the left margin. my avatar says im there but if so im being ignored. also the long time before being admitted just simply hangs up and I have to return to google before I can try for another party. response

    A response will be greatly appreciated 

  • gene800

    tried to get into party . but got a message that it would load, told to try  and refresh

  • gene800

    tried to get into a party,but got a message saying that it would not load also I was gifted by 4 persons but did not receive them

  • Chance 2

    screens keep freezing. and getting booted with errors from differant locations also slow loading into parties

  • jacaranda

    taking too long for bouncer to collect payment party is full before line is half way

  • Sami 123

    I cannot get into the parties due to "loading"   IF I arrive early, zone kicks me out.  WHEN (and if) I get into a party, its way after its started, and gifting has started.  Why cant you resolve this issue?

  • 1945

    I can't get into any party lately. I wait in the Party area and when the counter reaches zero, I immediately click to join and it responds "Sorry party has reached capacity... Try another" Clicking immediately, how could the party already be full?

  • Samantha


    Players will generally visit the Host's Suite before the Charm Party begins in order to get a spot. 


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