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Party Passes



  • Sally45

    Do you just show up at the Parties with gems what is the benefit of party passes.  I have a lot after playing for over 2yrs 

  • Dirty Games

    What are the benefits of different types party passes? 

  • Star Gazer

    I just bought $50 of gems and it shows up as the UK when charged.  WHY???  Everything on my profile and settings state United States, NOT UK.  Please check this and refund the difference or I may cancel everything on Zone and never use or visit again.  

    I was enjoying myself but there are plenty of games out there that don't charge anything to play.


    Alice Williams - Glen Burnie, MD -- United States


  • Tira

    I am not receiving my Party Passes...and I should...and tonite I was docked passes for a party that WAS OVER...Zone let's me in a party that is OVER and still takes my passes....Please...refund my passes.  Also One nite I'm playing Sea of Riches, it lands on 400 gems.....and then it moves!!!  WHY?  Is it really necessary to steal from me?  I want to purchase an Elite  membership...but if this is how you treat your patrons I may not.



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