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VWv is a cheater



  • euch versteh ich

    so pls  give all coins back

  • Myster E

    would think that it is real money the way they hold on to it. these are only games and should help you feel better they've gotten stingier in the last two weeks or so.during these trying times. so much for fun and games.

  • Bobomatic

    Yes it totally sucks.  I won a massive 248 million dollar jackpot that never put one dollar into my total.  They suck.  Also, I am being disconnected constantly which never was a problem in the past but is costing me millions daily.  More suckage.  Why can't they create bugs and screw ups that pay us the funny money for a change?  Clearly they can't be trusted with our real money since they steal our funny money and don't respond to these complaints.

  • 1945

    While I don't think anyone is cheating, there is a preponderance of winning scores way higher than "used to be". I play only refundable slots tournaments (usually 10 million twice a day) and a winning score used to be at break even or some better. Now, they are always way higher! What's up with that?

  • george939

    This guy is a Hacker Gill 0068 funny how he wins 268 million 240 million 168 million 60 million 39 million 44 million 16 million and umpteen 2 to 10 million in a period of less than 2 hours, he was playing relics and riches...what you going to do about him???


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