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How do you report a problem and talk to zone



  • Official comment

    You can send email to:



    the line up on the slots dont work most of the time.. u can be sued for crocked slots when they dont get the line correct there will be 5 lets say lemons and the last one or two are not in the line that would never happen on a real slot at any casino. they would have to refund u  for a broken slot.  so please fix this problem.. your MSN your smarter than that.... 

  • Dougaroo

    Trimer - can you take a screenshot please for when you think a specific slot machine is not paying out correctly  and we can investigate?


  • Rosey489

    games keep dropping off in middle. has to reload many times. 

  • char1360

    i was on live chat they kept talking n took page away 4 me 2 tell u what happened


  • char1360

    i host a lot of partys on zone now every time i go 2 pay 4 my party zone says sorry its full n kicks me out im not going 2 host anymore my friends want me there y does zone keep kicking me out this is my 3rd party it did it ive had up 2 3 rooms full of people and i cant get in any omg whats going on









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