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  • Official comment

    If you can post a screenshot of this when it next happens we may be able to help figure out what exactly is happening.


  • TJ 1

    keeps telling me to reboot

  • spud6

    I get the same mesage all the time and have to reboot

  • PortiasPlea

    I use to get the same disconnected message once a week or so. This past week I've lost over 50m in bets while playing and being disconnected. Can only play 2-3 games and it happens. VERY FRUSTRATING ! I've given up on asking for help (and for refunds) w/customer service because they ALWAYS say it's my computer and I should refresh before playing. Seriously ?? !! Refresh every 2-3 games ???  !!!!!  RIDICULOUS !!! Also looked up the "error 300" it states... It means THEIR server caused it !!!!  Get a clue Zone / Vegas World.. I understand this is a business, but 1)  it doesn't cost you anything to refund lost coins; and 2) you WILL lose customers when you continuously DONT help when a customer requests it !!!!

  • Islandgirl3

    I had a outage yesterday while playing Bamboo Bash and now Its no longer on my options ?????

  • Essince

    You were probably winning too much!


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