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  • Official comment

    Jethr0 if you see a trifecta box bet that you think is incorrect, please grab a screenshot of the two bets and we'll be happy to investigate.

    Also I think you're saying that the favorite should never have odds higher than 1-19?  Thus ensuring a minimum of 5% payoff?  Can you point us to somewhere on the web that states that's the minimum payout?  I just don't think anyone was aware of that so I doubt the game enforces that today.  I personally just tried searching to find that and didn't see anything saying that.  Not saying you're wrong, just couldn't immediately find something asserting that.


  • cenokid

    i place a bet with the horses and when the time runs out my bet is not there.. is this a glitch

  • Mr Vegas

    I thought this was going to be a really good game, and it could have been.  It had a few glitches at first but you got most of them fixed.  The big problem is the winning horse is not always the winner.  He lost by a "HEAD" or  more.  I play the different horses to win or come in 2nd or third.  When you award the wrong horse, it throws the whole betting system off.  Very unfair.  Since you only award coins and don't give gems to winnings, why do you feel you have to "CHEAT" at this game.  It would be very good game and exciting if you just let it play out, rather than control the winner.  It is hard enough to win at any game but to reduce the chances to win takes all the "FUN" out of it.



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