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    Everything costs GEMS and GEMS are real money.. It is all a scam.


  • Colby

    Ya think? And what was your first clue?

  • texas republic

    earth wind and sty is stuck at game winning feture

  • Star Gazer

    I filed yesterday and my complaint is not here.  I purchased coins and lo and behold, I did not notice it was setup for UK, not US currency.  Now I have a foreign transaction fee plus a higher amount of purchase billed to my credit card.  I have filed fraud with my credit card because you did not choose to change my purchase BACK to U.S. Dollars.  My profile and personal info ALL STATE UNITED STATES but you billed me for U.K.  If this is not resolved with my credit card company, I am going to close my account and request the unused portion of my Elite membership be refunded. Ball is in your court now.  I know you won't miss my pittance but it is a matter of principle.  I am not foreign, I am local U.S..

    A.E.Williams (Boat Load- alias Sissy Woman) 


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