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Copy and paste in comments and mail



  • Colby

    You can type til your fingers bleed. You'll rarely if ever get an answer to your concerns here. Admin either doesn't read this page or they don't care.

  • Sugar Plum2

    I help SweetSpicy Lady send out emails to friends every day.  These are usually quotes of the day or inspirational quotes.  We used to be able to copy and paste, but then it was updated and we can't no longer do it.  It makes it hard to want to send when it takes so long to do it now.  Please bring back a copy and paste feature.  Thank you.

  • Destini

    Rocky, I agree with you, but you will have to go to the "Live Chat" section to get someone to actually speak to you about it!

    And I vote YES to the Copy and Paste Request!


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