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  • leggs

    I spend more time in "loading" than in the parties. I have had parties that busted and I was still in loading. It happens getting into the party and also if I want to buy party charms.

  • Lloyd d

    lloyd 24 , it's been slow to get into parties i got he green bar so far then poof! i 'm out of the party, it happen last night, then this morning too. please can you guys repair this problem , beside that everything else is ok

  • Samantha

    Hi there,

    I've included an article with some suggestions on how to help with this below:

    Loss of Connection Suggestions 


  • mustang3

    Ever since the 2 crashes recently on site it takes very,very long to load into parties, loading party charms, changing site games, switching slot games. need site to help me resolve these problems

  • Murf the surf

    I'm having same problems as above, also when I am playing a game the screen is very, very slow.What action can I take?    Dated June 24/21   Murf the surf

  • Samantha

    Murf the surf, 

    Please try the steps listed in the article above.

  • MAR14

    takes me 4ever to get into parties, green bar just hangs in middle of screen, by the time it actually loads,the party is almost over or i get booted before the drop. if im lucky enough to get the room loaded then the charm menu cannot be brought up, so im unable to buy, this has been ongoing for over 3 months.

    i have tried changing browsers, they all have same results regarding the party room loadings, so you can't blame that. i have also had a security tech go into my computer, update and delete any unnecessary items which could cause the computer to be slow, after all that, i am still having same problem, so therefore it is on your end not mine, which the tech agreed. he said my computer was in tip top order and should have no problems. I even took him into the site to let him see what happens upon trying to gain entry into the parties, his diagnois is that its either your internet conection or that  your still using flash player to control the site or something else within your servers. btw, i am not the only person having these same issues, so what are you doing to correct this problem?


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