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Party Creators and Random Users



  • Samantha

    These players are real, and some players enjoy the social aspect of the game and like to attend Charm Parties to receive extra Charms before playing. 

  • Fashizzle

    Thanks for assuming I lack enough grey matter between my ears to be cognizant of how charm parties work or what might motivate someone to attend. I am curious though of how you can be so certain that "these players are real" in the absence of any specificity as to which players I might be referring. Doesn't that seem odd to you?

  • time 2

    Hi Fash, Also worth noting that some of these unknown by anyone ( cant call them hosts, they don't attend their parties) avatars were tourists & yet we could see their No Host party posts. If you're a tourist your post will only be visible to your friends. The option 'for all' isn't available.

  • Nobody Really

    time2, are you sure that only the friends of a tourist player noone but friends will see the posts. How do you know this & is that the same if I were to host a party, only my friends would be able to see or attend the party?

  • time 2

    I've been playing for some time, I have friends who are tourists, the option to host for all isn't available on zone. The only option available is for friends. If you upgrade membership then you can post & everyone will see your post unless you then chose the option for friends only. Hope that helps :)




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