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Lost connection issues continue



  • Official comment

    If you're losing connection frequently, the most likely cause is that the network between your computer and our servers is not 100% reliable.

    So the question is - where is the problem and what can be done to fix it?

    You are correct, that the problem could be with our servers or the network we use (which is actually Google's network).  But we do monitor those servers very closely and when there are problems (which are rare, but absolutely do happen) they affect everyone at once.  Makes sense right, if one of our servers crashes or is running slowly everyone connected to it is affected.  So in the case of a party - everyone in the room would be disconnected.

    But if only you are being disconnected from the party, the more likely explanation is that the problem lies with something between your computer and our servers.  That could be any of:

    a) Your wifi connection quality (if you use wifi) - remember this is basically a radio and radios can have interference

    b) Your router or modem

    c) Your ISP (you have no control over this alas and problems happen with ISPs quite often)

    d) The connection from your ISP to the main internet (again, no control over this but problems are not common)

    So what can you actually do?  Well, if rebooting your computer didn't help I would suggest

    - if you are using a wifi connection, try plugging directly into your router/modem with a cable (if possible)

    - if you know how, restart your router/modem

    Hopefully one of those will help.  However if the issue is actually with your ISP, you can try calling them, but for most people that means things like calling Comcast and they really aren't going to be responsive.  And while you might think "no way Comcast (or your ISP) could have problems" - remember these huge companies didn't build a single giant network from scratch.  They bought 100+ tiny companies, each with their own little piece of a network and stitched them together - which is why they quite often have problems in the "last mile" - which means getting traffic to and from your house.

    Sorry I don't have better suggestions.

  • rammpdp

    For the past few days I've rarely been able to even get on the site.  I get an error message 9 times out of 10.  So frustrating!

  • Ken129

    Can I call it or what? 

    I've been here a little over 400 days so I know how the site works when it is operating correctly and before the last system crash? never had this issue. I replaced my modem / router, followed all recommended steps to help with the issue and nothing seems to help. 

    When you say: just because there's an up-tick in complaints after the sites latest "upgrade" from the last system crash, this is not evidence of issues on or with the site. 

    Hmmm??? Does 2 + 2 still equal 4 ???

    I do not have this issue on any other site i visit, just here, are you trying to tell me that your site / developers/techs are somehow special and immune from making a mistake? We are after all humans, ( I think ) and we do on occasion make a mistake, but due to our egos, we sometimes have a problem owning the fact that yes, we can make a mistake.

    Please? all I would like to see is for the system to work as it did the year prior to the last system crash, because I'm telling you right now, that's when my issues started.

    Your constant denial that anything is wrong on your side and telling me that the issue resides on my end or now maybe could be my internet providers fault? I find that insulting

    I know that I do not need the charms to play the games here, it just means I need to play at the lower stakes. It just will take me a lot longer to level up and grow my winnings. so although it will take me longer? you are saving me money, the money I would spend to buy gems that I use to get charms that supports your site and people. So for that reason in guess I should thank you as you seem to not want my money anymore.

    I AM NOT asking for nor do I support any kind of boy-cot from buying gems, if the people are willing to accept these issues as " it's just the way the system works " and are willing to still spend their money? It does not bother me as I guess they would rather be here and put up with the issues than asking for a fix.

    Thank you again for saving me money and I do honestly hope you figure it out before you lose too many customers, because losing one or two is not a big issue, but when you stop and think about it?  for every one complaint? there are many more that have the same issue and will not speak up because you have a history of censuring people and in the end they will just pack up and leave.


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