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No Host Parties



  • Samantha

    Hosts do not have to attend their own Charm Parties. They do still pay the Coins or Gems to host the party, but there is no benefit to having multiple parties in a day. 

    The main purpose of the Charm Party is to attend and receive 25 Charms for the price of 1. Anything extra, such as extra gifted Charms, or socializing with friends is 100% optional, and players are not obligated to participate in that way if they do not wish to.

    If you would prefer to have Charm Parties where the host attends, you're free to host your own Charm Parties. 

  • Dee Ranger

    i beg to differ with you on the Charm party defination - you even list it as "exchange of charms"  If you go to a christmas party and it's an exchange party then everyone that goes to the party takes a gift to exchange - exhange means you give one and you get one - so people who go to exhange parties are expected to also give not just stand there and take.  So,,,  maybe if your going to change the defination of the charm party then you should have another party that is listed as a party where everyone is expected to toss charms and not just stand and collect - maybe do away with the free party listing which is only used as a notice to people - which is not what the party board is for - and replace it with a party listing that says if you attend this party you are expected to toss charms sure would cut down on alot of fighting between people at charm parties who attend and refuse to toss and get some mean things said to them by others. 

  • Samantha

    Thanks for your suggestions, Dee Ranger. We'll be sure to take this into consideration.


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