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Why I not having the slots that pay more than once ?



  • Samantha

    The odds are the same for all players, and this does not change. If you're experiencing some major losses, this could be due to how much you're betting at a time. Here's an article with more information:

    Why Am I Losing All Of a Sudden? 

    The option to buy Coins at the end of the month is just a percentage of all of your wagers throughout the month. This is not an option to buy what you lost. 

  • Bettie Page

    Hi Caro6, the players on the leaderboard play for big money. I have a few friends in the Zone that are pretty close to the top winners of many of the games. (No scam..) The trick is to go in a bet with your biggest charms. The small charms stack over 100, they go supper fast. Stack the BIG charms make up for money lost and even give you more then you bet in the beginning. I have figured out allot about the game, but i am keeping those secrets to myself. Hope i am not in trouble for giving pointers, i think that is a rule?   shhhhh don't tell Samantha   ha ha ha.  I love the Zone to much to get kick out. lol crossing my fingers now lol

    Inform me in if i break any rules Samantha  :)



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