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Charity Charm for Ukraine



  • PortiasPlea

    Thank you for being the 1st to post. I was going to do the same. Bless you and everyone around the world for doing whatever they can to help. And may I suggest here if you don't mind....That since China has announced they will NOT sanction Russia, that we all stand united NOT to purchase China produced products as well. Our way of sanctioning them since nothing has been done to them for this absolutely HORRIBLE COVID mess !

    Thank YOU !

  • Tim2247

    I think this would be a great idea. Any help we could give them would help. It is worth looking at it. This a world problem so lets help.


  • Linda427

    This is a wonderful idea! I know that most here would stand united and help! So please consider this. Thank you.

  • Colt D

    Great idea hellobear I hope that your idea is accepted and implemented as quickly as possible. I believe that almost 100% of the casino players from many US states and world nations would donate to this humanitarian effort.

  • true love

    I support Hellobear in getting this charm. I stand for Ukraine and will support their cause as i believe many others will. 

  • Starlight1

    Hellobear has a great idea and I hope Flowplay will back this effort with a charm with all proceeds going to relief efforts for Ukraine. Thank you.

  • BubbaJ

    Great idea Hellobear and I hope we get some effort from Flowplay to get this charm for the support of the Ukraine completed.

  • HockeyBabe

    awesome idea  i agree 


  • Swan5

    This is an awesome idea Hellobear, I support your suggestion and I would love to see charms for the support of the Ukraine . Thank you :)

  • sks

    What a wonderful idea Hellobear...let's get this charm going now!! A lot of people

    need it. Thanks in advance Zone!!  Thank You Hellobear

  • Didee

    wonderful idea bear!  i would support this charm for sure!


  • Catty

    Wonderful Idea Bear. I agree and would support this whole heartedly. 

  • Samantha

    Thanks for your suggestion. I've passed this along to our teams. 

  • hellobear007

    Thank you Samantha , much appreciated. And thank you friends for your support of this charm :) 

  • Checkers D

    I also agree !

  • Echo1

    Great idea bear. This must get done.


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