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Loosing charms


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  • Samantha

    If a Charm or Charms are not displayed in your Charm manager like you expect it to, it'll be due to one of the following reasons:

    -Charms sometimes take a few minutes to appear. If the Charm is not visible immediately after it is purchased, give the game a few minutes, refresh by logging out and back in again, and they will appear.

    -Charms are used up. Charms are designed to pay out a minimum of three times before being used up. Once used up, Party Favor and Gift Charms just vanish without a trace. Standard Charms turn into a silhouette and remain in your Charm manager until either sold for 100 Coins (not Gems) or recharged with Gems.

    -Getting used up is the only thing that can remove a Charm from the Charm manager. When they are used up and go dark or vanish, all the Coins from that Charm will have been added to your Coin total.


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