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  • Bettie Page

     I agree Winny W,

    I vote yes, yes yes !  Items in the closet put in Alphabetical order would be a very good idea. It feels like a matching game to find the doubles.  How about seasons and Holiday items too.  Put them in categories for spring, summer, winter, fall and Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Halloween and many more that we celebrate here in the Zone, for each of our  items in out closet. I can never find the right pair of shoes or boots for the right season, there are just soooooooooo  many. Not that i am complaining about having to many outfits, In fact allot of us would loveeeeeee  to see new cloths  to buy in the outfit store. 




  • Callie72

    I vote YES to this forum,this would be so amazing, there are so many themed parties and having to hunt takes away from getting to these parties in record time.Thank you for any help with this problem Hugs 


  • NobodysPerfect

    I also vote YES to putting all Items in alpha order such as "Tops", "Jackets", "Bottoms" etc.  It would make OUR lives so much simpler if Flow Play/Zone would take care of this one minor programming request.  Please FIX something that is BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samantha

    This feedback has already been passed along to our teams.

  • Winny W

    It Is the items closet we are looking to have put in alphabetical order. We know we can search by name but that is no help in the items menu.  Please fix this asap. TY

  • Mrs Maggi Driver



  • Mrs NP Glass

    I vote to plz put all clothes items in alpabetical order !!   TY TY


  • Vishious Leopard

    Sorry but if you find anything torn. Sorry didn't dull my claws.  I don't know why zone took that off the page when it is super useful to find everything. Also bring back mini slots.


    It would help so much to have some order, at least alphabetical.  I agree we need this!  Thank you, Winny!  Thank you Zone.

  • anna n brian

    I also vote a BIG YES/

  • Kinjo

    I agree.  Dressing our avis is almost a game by itself.  Many enjoy this aspect of the game and look forward to the release of new outfits (when will we get new outfits by the way?).  Our closets are very difficult to navigate.  Although the complete outfit can be alphabetized, most of us dress by putting the separate items together for a unique & creative style all our own.  Being unable to alphabetize the individual items or pieces of an outfit makes this more difficult than it should be and takes away from the enjoyment of this site.  I have been to some very fun costume/theme parties, but dressing for these is made unnecessarily difficult and frustrating when we can't find the separate clothing pieces we need.  I speak for myself, but I would have much preferred help organizing my closet as opposed to stars by the names of my friends (I actually know my friends and don't need help identifying them.)  Thank you for your consideration.

  • CJ371

    Yes Please having an alphabettical tab will enable like items to be together and that will enable us to remove duplicates, by Removing duplicates this will maybe help with memory so the game doesnt need some much memory and then run better. For example I have had some many of the braclets from parties but they are scattered and if they were in a group i could delete all but one and /i think it would save memory and the game may run better. OR when someone has multiple outfits of the same set we can delete the extras and thats gotta save memory resources somewhere. But PLease a closet organizer would be sooo nice.


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