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  • Samantha

    It will be just the one you're signed into.

  • MsJudy 01

    Hello, On 8/8/22 I completed my Level 46, that took me 4 months to complete. Instead of leveling me up to level 47, it just reset me to level 46 AGAIN. Would you PLEASE fix this problem. I have tried for two days now to get this corrected.

    I am including a screenshot  of the mail that you sent me on 4/30/22, congratulating me for Leveling up to LEVEL 46….  Proving that my next level should have been LEVEL 47.

    Please correct this problem. I am inserting the screenshot now. TYVM


  • Samantha

    I checked your account, and I'm not seeing an Inbox message was received of you reaching level 47. Currently there is an error where the green line is not displaying properly, but the numbers under your level show you haven't quite reached level 47:

    Are teams are working on resolving the issue of the green line not displaying properly. I apologize for the confusion.


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