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Blocked getting Charms



  • Official comment

    The main purpose of the Charm Party is to attend and receive 25 Charms for the cost of one. Players are not required to stay and gift extra Charms to fill the Party Buster. However, many players began treating others like it is a requirement to gift extra Charms at the party, when it is not. Players then started blocking those who do not gift extra to remove them from Charm Parties or to ensure those players do not receive extra Charms.

    Because of this, the change was made for players who are blocked to still receive gifted Charms.

    If you insist on players you've blocked to not receive your gifted Charms, you are still free to host your own parties. Players you've blocked have no way of attending your parties, so they would not receive the Charms you gift to others.

    This change was implemented quite some time ago, and there are no plans to change it back.

  • Dee Ranger

    agree 100 percent with your post Roo 

  • HockeyBabe

    i am agree as well bring it back !!!!!


  • Ghost114

    Please bring it back!!!



  • TinMan

    Bring it back the way it used to be

  • 1NEZ

    yes bring it back


  • Samantha

    This feature was changed because players were using blocking as a form of bullying in Charm Parties. I'm very sorry, but there are no plans to change this feature to the way it was before.

  • Roostertail

    I am not sure I understand how it can be used as bullying. We are all people have the right to like and dislike people. My money that I earn pays for these charms that I am forced to share with people that don't deserve them. I think this a poor excuse of a reason. Well, I guess that means less parties and less spending money on gems. I will not share my money with blocked people. 

  • NobodysPerfect

    It is NOT bullying but a way to direct WHO gets our GIFT of a charm that WE paid for.  There are too many people who stand around and COLLECT without contributing back to all.  That is NOT fair and is causing a great many of us PAYING people to NOT attend parties or to leave before the COLLECTING begins.  Flow Play needs to reconsider this issue or more people will stop buying gems and may even leave this site.  There are many other sites to play on.


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