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  • Changed the charm menu view

    I was wondering why the charm menu view has changed when you click it open from what it was before to now it is elongated at the bottom of the screen now and it blocks the dance moves during partie...

  • Monday updates

    Hi, Just curious why when you have changes that you aren't informing the players. I noticed today when I was in the lobby that there is now a star next to players. I took a guess and determined tha...

  • Party Passes in Party meter

    What determines how many party passes are going to be in the party meter? Since this is a new feature that started today for the parties and no mention of it on the what's new page. Since a few par...

  • Sea of Riches froze and didn't get my additional free spins

    If the Sea of Riches froze and we are continually told by Zone Support that we still get our winnings and any additional free spins that we won, I don't believe it. I was able to take a screen shot...

  • new charms in other theme rooms

    Why aren't there any new charms being provided to us in the other theme rooms? You always update the holiday theme and normal suite.  You really need to think about updating the charms in the other...

  • Pai Gow Poker

    Will you please add Pai Gow Insurance to this game? There are real casino's out there that offer this as well. Also hoping people that are playing this game aren't just learning it from here since ...

  • outfits in wish list no longer available

    why doesn't zone remove outfits that are no longer available for purchase but only the player can still see the outfits in their wish list and everyone else sees your wish list as empty. It would b...